We work with corporations and non-profits only when the CEO/Director chooses to engage and the Board of Directors participate. 

Our clients have included and not been limited to:
AmeriCorps/Learning Works, Portland, ME
Biddeford YMCA, Beddeford, ME
Central DuPage Heath, Chicago, IL
Christ Episcopal Church, Gardener, Maine
Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, OH
CoachU Inc., Tuscon, AZ
Fastener Systems, Textron, Cleveland, OH
Galveston Historical Society, Galveston, TX
Holland Chiropractic, Bath, ME
Houston Works, Houston, TX
Job Corps, Bangor & Limestone, ME
Merrimack Valley YMCA, Andover, MA
METCO, Inc, Boston, MA
Mountain Ridge Development, Ada, MI
Munson Medical Center, Traverse City, MI
Pegasus Stables, Newmarket, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Renown Health, Reno, NV
State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, IL
State of Maine, Department of Education
Tamdown Corporation, Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom
The Neighborhood U.C.C., Bath, ME
University of Maine, College of Education, Orono, ME