What One Person Can Do

Intention: For participants to experience that all of us have within our heart and mind the ability to create a life of value and purpose. “What One Person Can Do” is about accessing the power that already resides within each of us.

Structure: “What one Person Can Do” is an experientially based exploration of the power that resides within all people, and honors the unique life experiences of each participant. Over a twelve week period, through practical, personal assignments and reflections, participants discover that the loving-kindness of Mother Theresa and the indomitable will of a Nelson Mandela reside within all people, the only issue is access. This program, grounded in loving-kindness and personal responsibility, explores the following:

  • Creating climates of workability, ownership and responsibility
  • Preciousness of time
  • Choice
  • Breaking habits that don’t work, beginning habits that do
  • Persistence in the face of no agreement
  • Developing balance and self-care
  • Separating who people are from what they do
  • Effective communication
  • The importance of context and how to create it
  • Learning how to break cycles of automatic response to a problem
  • Building a personal, daily routine that works
  • Truly effective listening
  • Solving problems brilliantly
  • Increasing personal energy

“What One Person Can Do” (General Goals/Intended Results)

  • To experience that you are loved absolutely and unconditionally.
  • To experience the power that resides within each of us.
  • To experience our ability to create meaningful, productive, joyous, contributory lives.
  • To experience our ability to create environments where others can choose to create meaningful, productive, joyous, contributory lives.
  • To experience our ability to maintain our focus when it seems that no one else is interested or cares.
  • To experience ourselves as powerful, capable and able, completely in charge of our own well being.
  • To experience our ability to create an environment of exceptional support, communication and teamwork.
  • To experience our ability to be master problem solvers.
  • To experience our ability to see what is wanted and needed in any situation and know how best to produce that result.
  • To develop a process of self-care that supports each participant, their families and producing brilliant work.

Clients: some of the clients for the “What One Person Can Do” program include corporations, school systems, Job Corps programs, the Maine State Prison System, YMCAs, and individuals.

“Strength in this case (the power within) is not about force or physical power. It is always gentle and acknowledges the capabilities of others. It is about the ability to create poetry in a concentration camp, enter a ‘white’ university as its only black…It is about commitment and dedication to goals worthy of support. It all begins with the individual.” – Bill Cumming

Logistics & Fees: This is a twelve week course, two and one half hours a week in person for groups up to twenty. For individuals, one hour a week in person or by phone. Cost when lead by Bill Cumming, with 24/7 access, $5,000. Courses for institutions by contract agreement. Do not allow money to be a reason not to do this work. Contact: bill@theboothbyinstitute.org for more information.