What One Person Can Do

“What One Person Can Do” radio interview with Ali Berlin and Bill Cumming

[audio:http://www.theboothbyinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/aliberlinPOD1.mp3|titles=”What One Person Can Do” radio interview with Ali Berlin and Bill Cumming]

from Alive with Ali Berlin September 4, 2010

This site will:

  • Give you information about the “What One Person Can Do” conversation, it’s founder and conveners
  • Assist you to contact a convener and enroll in the 12-week program

“What One Person Can Do” is a unique experience-based learning environment consisting of a 12-week ‘conversation’ delivered as a teleclass or in person.  The effectiveness of this conversation as a change medium has been proven many times over with individuals and organizations ranging from school systems, Job Corps programs, the Maine State Prison System, YMCAs and corporations.  (see Testimonials)

This work is sponsored by the Boothby Institute, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, dedicated to furthering the “What One Person Can Do” conversation and the connection between the way people are treated and the level of results they produce in their lives.

The capacity to create the world we desire and the lives we dream about, exists within each of us. We have seen that when individuals experience themselves as valued and are treated with dignity and respect, they take better care of themselves and everything around them.